Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Male Contraception

Would you trust a guy to keep up with a birth control routine? I wouldn't--most guys can't be trusted to keep a goldfish alive, much less remember to take a pill every day, or drag themselves to the doctor every couple of months. Still, science types in Britain are testing a male birth control shot.

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  1. True. I can totally see some hard ass guy bitch and moan about how he doesn't want to spend the money or take the time to follow up on male contraceptives. Guys have it so ****ing easy. All they have to do is stick there junk in, thrust it about and blow their load and then that's it. Women have to make sure the guy uses a condom, and if they aren't using condoms, she has to be on birth control, and she's dishing out the $$$ for that so his ass doesn't have to end up paying child support and she doesn't have to carry some asshole's child for 9 months...